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Astronomers Baffled by Mysterious Ring-Shaped Objects in Deep Space – Futurism

“History shows us that when we open up a new [avenue of looking at] space to explore … we always find new and exciting things.”




Lord of the Rings
Astronomers have found four distant, ring-shaped objects in space they say are unlike anything observed previously.
The rings, which Live Science likened to floating islands, have been temporarily named named odd radio circles, or ORCs, because they look like brightly glowing discs when viewed at radio wavelengths. Scientists cant tell what they are, or even how far away they are from us, but theyre starting to explore some new hunches.
Orc Fortress
The ORCs are undetectable at infrared, x-ray, and the visible light spectrums, but were spotted at radio frequencies through a project called the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU), according to preprint research shared online last month.
This is a really nice indication of the shape of things to come in radio astronomy in the next couple of years, Kristine Spekkens, a Royal Military College of Canada astronomer who didnt work on the study, told Live Science. History shows us that when we open up a new

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